It was a message on the wind an answer to their prayers
It was dusk
It was the turning of a people
Once forced from their beliefs
How could they ever be set free?

The curse
Your word
This curse
The curse
Your blood
Escape the monarchy

An ancient energy
Brought forth and freed captivity
A price they all must pay
A curse disguised and the promise made

It was dawn
It was a journey set for freedom
Once safe civility now on to face harsh raging seas

The curse
Your word
This curse
The curse
Your blood

A chaos soon unleashed
It was a spell cast overseas
The worst the cursed dark entity

You hold the passenger inside
You are the host his breeding mind
A deal is made the vessels trade In consequence corruption stays

The curse
Your word
This curse
The curse
Your blood
The beast is now unleashed

The curse of Roanoke
The evil took control
The men and women fall
A plague upon their souls

An evil lingered in the eyes
Of a man once warm now cold as ice
The beast of Roanoke
Its time passed now unleashed
A chaos is set free
New land of suffering


from Neverwhere Dreamscape, released August 24, 2013




Project: Roenwolfe Tucson, Arizona

Born from minds deeply invested in creativity, set on maintaining a life of music without the constraints of compromise, Project: Roenwolfe became a reality. This reality, forged by the collaborative efforts of two distant entities, presents a unique wall of sound that reflects the modern age without sacrificing its roots in the past.

Project: Roenwolfe is a Masters of Metal Production.
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